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Plant Saver Topical Repellent

Q: Why use the Plant Saver Repellent to protect against deer and rabbits , when my current egg based liquid spray seems to be working fine?

A: For deer and rabbits, the Plant Saver Step 1 utilizes dried blood, garlic and pepper oils.This spray was rated #1 by Rutgers, Cornell and the USDA in comparison with all egg based repellent sprays. It will last up to 90 days per application. to 18 months in slower growing evergreens, conifers and ornamentals. The Plant Saver System products work in synergy to achieve the ultimate goal:    Longer Protection + Healthier plants = Less Mortality.

2. Deer-A-tak Fruit & Vegetable Deer & Rabbit Repellent

Q: Is the Deer-A-Tak spray only for edible plants?

A: No. Deer-A-Tak can also be used for any of your ornamental plants and flowers. This is an egg based deer repellent spray that utilizes the essential oils peppermint, rosemary and cinnamon. It is therefore safe to use on fruit trees, vegetable gardens and other edibles. This spray smells very pleasant to the user! The herb based oils, in combination with the sulphur producing egg proteins, produce great odor repellency. However, this combination only lasts about 21 days per application, and may require more frequent reapplication.


Root Guard 2-Step System

Q: How often do the root systems have to be treated with the Root Guard 2-Step to maintain protection against Vole Damage?

Step 1: Either apply the liquid or granular Root Guard Vole repellent products once every 90 days during the active growing season, and prior to the ground freezing. The castor/garlic oil combination will make the root systems unpalatable by both taste & smell.

Step 2: To help compensate for roots that have being eaten by voles, we need to stimulate root growth! Apply 1-2 Root Saver Myrotabs 8-8-8 root tablets/gallon of root system once a year. The mycorrhizal,   and beneficial microbes enhance and strengthen the whole root system, while the humic acid provides increased uptake of the fertilizer, Denatonium Benzoate, and quaternary ammonium salts.


Mycrotabs Systemic Tablets

Q: How do the new Mycrotabs 10-8-8 ML2 tablets compare with the Repellex 14-2-2 ML2 tablets I had so much success with in the past?

A: Basically the new Mycrotabs ML2 tablets, are the natural evolution of the original Anipel (and later Repellex) 14-2-2 ML2 tablet that were developed by the current CEO of Natura Products Inc., over a decade ago! The original Repellex 14-2-2 product contained fertilizer, quaternary ammonium salts and Denatonium Benzoate. The new and improved Mycrotabs ML2 tablets also use Denatonium Benzoate, Quaternary Ammonium salts and a 10-8-8 fertilizer. However, that is where the comparisions stop! The new Mycrotabs are "teaming with microbes" that actually enhance the uptake of the active ingredients into the target plant, while strengthening the root system and even reducing transplant shock!


Relationship to Repellex USA

Q: Therefore, is the founder of Natura Products also the original inventor of the Repellex Product line?

Yes! With advanced degrees in Microbiology and Organic Chemistry, the current CEO of Natura Products has been undertaking Research and Development work on animal browsing for almost 20 years! Initially, he was a part of Anipel Seedling Protection Systems, then became the founder of Repellex Lawn & Garden (which is now Repellex USA), and finally his most innovative venture Natura Products Inc. His latest enhancements involved the culturing and isolation of specialized mycorrhizal fungi and beneficail soil bacteria combined with humic acid, leading to the development of the new Natura Mycrotab tablets.


Field Trial Comparison 

Q: How does the new Natura Deer Repellent products compare with Capsicum based repellents both in topical and systemic formulations?

A: Basically, the original Anipel Deer & Rabbit repellent technology, the basis for the new Natura Repellents, was developed and field tested in co-ordination with Glaxo-Kline Pharmaceutical from 1996-2004. Anedotal, lab and field trials undertaken by commercial, governmental and university agencies, confirmed the success rates of this ground-breaking technology. Comparison plant tests utilizing numerous sulfur and capsicum based products were performed. In every test, "...the sulphur based spray combination products outperformed all capsicum based competitors, both in efficacy and residual activity...."* (USDA-Aphis). It is therefore not surprsing that over 5 million plants worldwide have been successfully treated with the Natura Plant Saver 2-Step combination over the last decade!

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Step 1: Plant Saver Deer Repellent 5lb Granular
Deer & Rabbit Repellent 5lb Granular Shaker Jar

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Step 2: 500ML2 Plant Saver 10-8-8 Mycrotabs
500 Systemic Plant Saver tablets with Mycorrhizal fungi/Beneficial Microbes/Humic Acid/ Denatonium Benzoate.

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Deer-A-Tak Deer & Rabbit Repellent Gallon Conc.
Deer & Rabbit Repellent for Fruits & Vegetables

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