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".....Our lake project is located in the Oklahoma Panhandle. It is an extremely dry region that only receives 17-18" of precipitation. This difficult site is compounded by several animal browsing vectors:       1. Rodents (rabbits, mice, rats,pocket gophers)  2. Porcupines  3. Deer  4. Grasshoppers                   Last year we inserted the ML2 tablets into the dripline of larger trees, as well as smaller plants. All foliage was sprayed once with the deer repellent spray. Overall, a non-scientific evaluation indicates that we not only eliminated damage from all the animal vectors, (especially grasshopper damage on newly planted Russian Olive) but we will have a greater overall survival rate than in any previous year!...."                        US Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army, Hardesty, Oklahoma 

"...I wanted to extend to Natura my sincerest thanks for the first season that we have been able to enjoy in the six years that we've been in our home without Deer devastating our gardens.....No matter how effective the spray on chemical, it is eventually washed away requiring frequent and expensive re-application. Other granular deer repellent products also have not proven enough to prevent damage, nor have ultra-sonic deer repellent devices. Even using a combination of all of these, we still suffered deer damage to our favorite plantings....That is until I tried Natura Plant Saver repellents. They have, by far, been the most effective products that we've tried, and we've tried a lot . Not ONE plant that I treated this year was damaged, NOT ONE. Even our Day Lilies, a deer favourite, were spared!..."                    Ronald S. Bank  M.D., Vienna,Virginia

 ....We have used the ML2 tablets and repellent spray on problem areas throughout the San Juan Islands, especially sites where transplant success is poor and animal grazing damage is high. Examples of treated vegetation are mature, transplanted azaleas and broadleaf evergreens....The ML2 tablets and spray combination appear to be succesful in these applications....the plants have less mortality and deer no longer bother plants after treatment that they previously have or that we would expect them to..."              Island Gardens Company, San Juan Islands, Washington 

"I wanted to update our results with the Natura Bulb 2-step system that we tested on our spring bulb plantings....70,000 bulbs were treated, 85% of them tulips. Normally in early spring when the tulips 'pop' out of the ground we have a terrible time trying to keep the deer away from this food source. We applied one Mycrotab 5-5-5 bulb tablet with the fall planting, and then sprayed the newly growing tulip in early Spring. The deer not only stopped browsing the tulips, but moved away from all the sprayed areas. We had less than 5% overall damage to the tulips. The most amazing part was that by using the Bulb 2-step, we also reduced non-germinating tulip bulb loss, to almost zero, and we only only had to apply the spray once all season!.....Thank-you for thinking outside the box and making a great product even better......"    Cullen Gardens & Minature Village Plants, Whitby, Ontario


"....As you know, we applied the Anipel ML2 tablets and repellent spray to over 40,000 native plants that we installed at the Grizzly Creek Rest Area in Glenwood Canyon,Colorado for the Colorado Department of Transportation....These products were used to enhance survival & discourage the numerous deer in the canyon from feeding on our plants which were indigenous to the canyon and therefore prime forage for the deer.The work was completed last fall and we have not seen any damage to our plants as they came out of dormancy and are filling out quite successfully. Under similiar conditions I would definitely use your products again!..."
Randall & Blake Inc.,Littleton, Colorado

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Step 1: Plant Saver Deer Repellent Quart Conc.
Dried blood based 32oz Concentrate liquid

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Deer-A-Tak Deer & Rabbit Repellent 40oz RTU
Deer & Rabbit Repellent for Fruits & Vegetables

Price: $14.99 / Each
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Step 2: 500ML2 Plant Saver 10-8-8 Mycrotabs
500 Systemic Plant Saver tablets with Mycorrhizal fungi/Beneficial Microbes/Humic Acid/ Denatonium Benzoate.

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