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" Its just a Deer-Eat-Tree World out there!  "


Natura "2-Step Systems" are based on Intensive Pest Management  (IPM) programs currently being utilized to control insect pest infestations. IPM's are control systems utilizing a multi-facet control approach. Basically, no single product will ever eliminate or control insect outbreaks 100%.

Natura applied the same IPM logic to develop plant browsing control systems for deer, rabbits, voles, gophers and small critters:   "... there is no single product or device that will provide consistent long term plant protection from animal browsing damage..."  USDA-APHIS, Washington

The "Natura 2-Step" is a specilized IPM system designed specificially for deer and rabbit browsing damage on plant foliage, and vole/gopher damage on root systems. It is a combination of animal repellent sprays (Plant Saver, Root Guard, Bulb Guard) , and systemic fertilizer tablets that utilize mycorrhizal fungi/beneficial microbes to work in synergy to strengthen and enhance the plant root and foliage (Mycrotabs ML1,ML2,ML3) .  The end result is simple:

                                  "... Longer protection + Stronger plants = Less plant mortality!..." 

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Step 1: Bulb Guard 40oz RTU
Bulb Saver Animal Repellent liquid spray

Price: $ 14.99 / Each
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Step 2: 500ML2 Plant Saver 10-8-8 Mycrotabs
500 Systemic Plant Saver tablets with Mycorrhizal fungi/Beneficial Microbes/Humic Acid/ Denatonium Benzoate.

Sale Price: $ 129.99 / Each
You Save:$ 20.00 / Each
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Weed-A-Tak 40oz RTU Liquid Case
Organic non-selective Weed & Grass Herbicide Case (12x40oz)

Sale Price: $ 99.99 / Each
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