Q: How long does the Natura Plant Saver Deer and Rabbit Repellent System Last?

A:  The Natura 2-Step Deer and Rabbit Repellent System is the longest-lasting repellent system available today!  Step 1 topical sprays provide immediate protection and lasts 60-90 days on plants, depending on rainfall. Step 2 Systemic tablets last a full growing Season in high-risk perennials such as Hostas and Daylilies! We recommend reapplying Step 1 spray monthly to help treat new growth, especially during the active Spring growing season.

Q: Which Step 1 Natura Root Saver Mole repellent works better: liquid or granular?

A:  Both repellents work equally as well.  The liquid absorbs faster when applied, but the granular lasts longer.  Often people will buy the liquid on the initial application and the granular to do follow up treatments.

Q: Is Natura plant protection products safe to use around my pets and children?

A:  Yes, as stated, Natura is Latin for natural! All our products are made of food-grade ingredients, or products generally referred to as safe (GRAS). All our products are made with natural, biodegradable and environmentally safe ingredients.  Therefore, no issues should arise, unless your pet or child has an unknown allergy to any of the active ingredients.  We do recommend letting the repellent dry before you let your pet or child roll around in the yard! I am sure you do not want your dog or child to smell like
castor, peppermint or garlic oil!

Q: I have Voles in my garden, how should I apply the Natura Root Saver 2-Step repellent?

A:  Voles eat root systems of turf grass and plants. If you have voles in your garden or turf, you need to apply the granular or liquid products directly to the turf or groundcover and water it in. You also need to add the Step 2 systemic tablets to the root system of the plants in the yard or vole damaged area. Usually, vole tunnels resemble tree branches scattered throughout the yard.