Is Deer Overpopulation a Problem in Maryland?

Are you frustrated by the packs of deer wandering fearlessly through your backyard? Or, do you stop what you’re doing to marvel at the beauty of the creatures?
Counties across Maryland are taking steps to manage deer populations. In Howard County, officials recently announced they would be launching managed deer hunts in park locations in the region. According to the parks and recreation website, many residents have said they are concerned that white-tailed deer populations damage crops, gardens and landscaping.
But not everyone agrees that deer are actually a “problem.” “I agree that Howard County has a people problem,” wrote Missy Zane on the Columbia Patch Facebook page. “If this is such a forward thinking county, why do we kill innocent animals in our ‘shelter,’ and slaughter the deer instead of sterilizing them so they don’t reproduce in such huge numbers. This would be a much nicer place to live if we could learn to respect and honor the animals who live among us.”
In the eastern U.S., deer overpopulation has hurt forests more than global warming, according to a recent report in Forbes.
Lyme Disease is also a concern. The illness, which is spread to humans by ticks found on deer, is “endemic” in Maryland, according to comments Katherine Feldman, of the Maryland Health Department, made to CBS Baltimore.

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